‘Tis the season–back on the trail again

‘Tis the season–back on the trail again

We have just entered the spring season and my desire to run and hike is slowly increasing to its previous grandeur. Last week I hiked Lone Oak trail to reset my mind and carry me into the training season. Later in the week I ran 8 miles and that run really sparked my running bug again. I am on my way into the zone.

I did exercise during the winter and early spring. I had a hard time running in the cold and I was relegated to the treadmill. Running on the treadmill (as you probably know) is SO boring. It makes it excruciatingly difficult to rack up significant miles. I began to wonder if I’d ever get back into my half-marathon shape. I had to believe it after one drunken night my husband signed me up for a half in August. Thanks.

Yes, after I completed the 8 mile run, I started to believe I would make a comeback.

I do feel a bit sheepish to admit that I stepped off the trail over the winter. I mean, I’m writing a blog about one’s trail running adventure. However, I must be easy on myself and show myself compassion. I would say the same to any of you, so I should take my own advice. To be honest, I considered stopping with this blog altogether because I felt like a failure.

This spring has opened my eyes and my heart to the human condition. If a person has the feeling that they are an imposter, and this causes them to give up, they are basically not giving themselves a chance. They are taking away the possibility of success. They could be denying themselves of a true adventure.

The mental side of motivation and self-care has become a focus of mine. I have also been interested in spirituality and how that fits into my life. These are subjects that I would like to delve into through this blog.

Even at my age– 48– I am still trying to “find myself” and I feel compelled to share this journey with you. I don’t know if anyone every truly finds themselves. It seems like a continuous investigation.

I will share with you the avenues I pursue and the discoveries I make. Keep in mind that I have a very open-minded view when it comes to spirituality. I refuse to restrict myself in order to make others happy. While I’m happy to share it with you, it is my journey. I do hope that I will inspire you to follow your own path.

So, my motivation to further my training for running and hiking is getting stronger every day as spring reveals itself. I am also experiencing a spiritual journey which is very exciting for me. It all culminates in inspiration and I want to share this with you.

Come, join me on the trail, and see what we will find!

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