End of Summer 5k

End of Summer 5k

“To run or not to run: what a stupid question.” -Unknown

Well, I ran my first 5k in a very long time. I just wanted to get back into the racing mode, which I’m hoping will give me more motivation to keep working toward my long-term goal of ultra running. My next step will be a half marathon which I’ve already signed up for. I decided to do a fun race and the Haunted Half sounds perfect! It’s on October 30th and we will be dressing in costumes and celebrating Halloween. I’m scared but I really can’t wait.

Back to the 5k…I started out great with the front pack. Just past the one mile mark, though, I got a horrible cramp in my left calf. I tried to keep running but the pain was too much. I had to walk. I was so mad because the race had started out so well.

I hobbled along, telling the police officer who was directing traffic that I thought I pulled something in my leg. He asked if I needed a ride back to the starting line. Somehow, this woke me up and I said, “No, I’ll be okay.” And I kept walking. Finally, the cramp worked itself out and I was able to run.

I ran hard. I made up some ground and passed four people.

My time was good considering I had to walk. I was disappointed, however, knowing I could have done better. I wanted to leave right after the race, but my husband convinced me to stay for the award ceremony. To my amazement, I was the fourth woman overall and second in my age group.

I could have given up and gotten in the police car and gone back to the starting line. Something wouldn’t let me do that. Beyond all else, you need to believe in yourself. If I had given up, I certainly would not have won a prize. I would have felt defeated and my whole outlook on running could have changed.

The last thing you want to do is set yourself up for failure. Any setback can be a chance to find strength. My advice is to take that chance. You might surprise yourself.

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