5 of My Favorite Trail Running Blogs by Women

5 of My Favorite Trail Running Blogs by Women

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According to the website, www.runtothefinish.com:

“Updated 2021: A lot more blogs have disappeared and in an interesting twist many of the running blogs that remain informational are all written by men. “

This statement has inspired me to research running blogs written by women and to share 5 of my favorites with you. Obviously, I’m not providing an exhaustive list. You may want to visit the blog above and read the article:

Top Running Blogs: A Comprehensive List of Who’s Sharing Great Content for more.

What I look for in a blog:

I enjoy reading personal blogs that will inspire me in my own life and will provide me with useful information. I want to learn how to improve my running and what tools I could use to do so. Experience and a wide range of topics are important to me as well.

I want to read a blog that would inspire me to improve my own running journey.

The author of this blog, Lauren, says that:

“The purpose of Running for Wellness is to help others prioritize their mental health and wellbeing through running”.

This definitely caught my attention because, as I have mentioned before, I deal with mental illness and I see running as part of my therapy.

She also has a wide range of experience. She is a running coach and offers her services on the blog, she has been featured in magazines such as, Health and Prevention, and she shares many mental health resources. She also shares her wide range of knowledge and experience with running.

Two articles that resonated with me are:

Ultimate Guide to Running in the Heat, because I have been dealing with this lately and,

25 Running Motivation Tips That Will Excite You, because I can never have too much motivation.

Lauren’s professional yet caring tone puts this blog at the top of my list.

The author of this self-named blog shares the guiding force behind her work:

“I believe that everyone needs to define success for themselves and should always strive to be your best even when you aren’t the best.”

As far as the focus of her blog goes, she says the following:

“I write about running, training, overcoming self-doubt, and pushing through the times you want to quit.”

As far as Sara’s background and experience goes, she has run many marathons, she is a running coach, and she has obvious knowledge of the writing and journalling process.

Sara’s articles are all about improving one’s self and she offers ways to do that through her free Running Journal PDF and her insightful journal prompts. My favorites are:

Training For Your Audacious, Long-Term Running Goals. This article put my goals in perspective for me and made me believe that they are possible. And,

13 Journal Prompts For Half Marathon Training. My first goal is to run a half marathon and these journal prompts have put this goal into perspective for me.

This blog is definitely on-par with Running for Wellness and it is a very close second for me.

This blog highlights the following quote on their homepage:

“Adventure May Hurt You…But Monotony Will Kill You”

And so begins the hard-hitting, motivational vibe of this blog.

The focus, according to the blogger, Heather Hart, is:

Trail Running – Ultramarathon – Exercise Science – Adventure Racing – & more. 
For beginners to 100 milers and beyond.

This blog offers very in-depth and informative articles written with the experience of a certified exercise physiologist and running coach. In fact, she offers coaching on her blog.

Considering the more professional vibe of this blog, two of my favorite articles are:

Grow Old With Running: 6 Ways To Maintain A Lifelong Relationship With Running. This article brings up the blogger’s personal side. She reflects on her own long-term running goals as well as encouraging her readers to make running a permanent part of their lives.

The Beginners Guide To Training For An Ultramarathon. As an aspiring ultra marathoner, this article gave me hope that there’s a chance I might achieve my goal. She offers a comprehensive plan to work up to running an Ultramarathon. She even offers a free guide.

While this blog doesn’t quite have the personal quality of the others, the extensive experience and knowledge of the blogger stands on it’s own.

This self-named blog is not exactly a mainstream running blog. That’s part of why I like it. Emily writes extensively about writing and her creative process as well as running/exercise. With my English background, I thoroughly enjoy her articles about writing as well as running.

Emily simply quotes, “Go Do” on her homepage. Two words that say a lot.

As far as her focus goes, Emily writes:

“On this blog, you’ll find an archive of stories, ideas, and experiences in the realm of running, training, health/fitness, nutrition, and self growth. My goal with this website is to provide quality and unique content to help support you in your fitness journey.”

Emily has an extensive running background including breaking the world record for 74 consecutive half-marathons. She unpretentiously offers advice to her readers on training, nutrition, and general personal introspection.

Two of my favorite articles from this blog are:

Running and Writing. The correlation that Emily has found between running and writing resonates with me. She says it best, “Writing and running both require self-discipline, patience, and focus”. I definitely agree.

Nutrition Strategies for Improved Performance in Training. I am always looking for ways to improve my performance. I know that nutrition is an integral part. This article was so informative, I passed it on to my husband.

I would recommend this blog to anyone who is looking for a wide-range of topics and who values their creative side as well as their athletic side.

Making a loop back around to the beginning, this blog helped me write this article! I found most of my favorite blogs thanks to this blog’s exhaustive list. This blog offers a wide range of articles that specifically focus on running tips, heath information, gear reviews, and more.

The author, Amanda Brooks, states on her home page:

“THE MILES WILL CHANGE YOU. Let me show you how”

She goes on to systematically offer articles that touch upon questions/concerns that most runners have.

My two favorite articles include:

7 Benefits to Running in the Morning and How to Make the Shift. Running in the morning is something that I aspire to. It would be great to complete my run early enough to have a full day open ahead of me. Also, right now, it is so hot during the day that I feel like I have no choice.

Top Running Blogs: A Comprehensive List of Who’s Sharing Great Content. I think it goes without saying why this is one of my favorite articles from this blog. Amanda opened my eyes to blogs I should follow and I read a large number of articles that offered valuable information.

This blog offers the kind of articles that will leave you with valuable information through extensive research and personal experience. I will definitely be visiting it again and again.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and reading this article covering my 5 favorite running blogs written by women. What running blogs would you recommend? Let me know in the comments below!

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