Road Trip: Days 2-3

Road Trip: Days 2-3

“Adventure is worthwhile in itself” -Unknown

Destination: Day 2: Jonestown/Hersey NE KOA Journey, Day 3: New York City North Newburgh KOA Holiday

The quote above, “adventure is worthwhile in itself,” is very important here. My goal for the camping section of my trip was to take some great hikes. Well, unfortunately, there were no close hiking trails to be found near my campsites on days two and three. This was very disappointing. I know that on day two there was part of the Appalachian trail nearby but by the time I set up camp, I didn’t have enough time to hike on the actual trail. I ended up running on the trail that would take me to the Appalachian trail, but I’m sad to say that’s all I could do. On the third day, there was just nothing available (and I was exhausted from the trip).

I did learn that I had to look at the trip as a whole, and not just focus on one part. I was still in nature and solo camping was new and exciting. The campfires and talking to other campers also added to the fun.

At this point, I decided to just let go and enjoy the adventure and take it as it comes.

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