Road Trip: Day 1

Road Trip: Day 1

“If you never go, you’ll never know.” -unknown

Destination: Walnut Hills Campground Staunton, VA.

With my car filled with camping gear, food, and enough clothes for a 3 week road trip, I took off from my home in Tennessee. I didn’t know what to expect but I was excited to start my adventure.

My overall plan for this trip was to drive and stop along the way in 3 hour increments. The trip to Maine would take 5 days.

On my first day, I left home at 9am and drove to the Walnut Hills Campground in Virginia.

When I made it to the campground, I checked in, and proceeded setting up my tent. With energy fueled by embarking on this adventure, I immediately searched for a great hike in the area.

I found a 4 mile trail called the St. Mary’s Wilderness Trail and I set off to find it and embark on my first hike of the trip.

This trail was beautiful. It went along a creek and it was rocky and lined with trees. There were clear pools of water and many creek crossings (yes, I got my feet wet). The best way to describe this trail is through pictures I took along the way:

After this beautiful hike, with my campsite all set up, I cooked my dinner on the backpacking stove and ate. After that, I made a fire and made s’mores. A great first day!

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