Prayer of the Woods

Prayer of the Woods

This beautiful Portuguese prayer can be found at the head of one of my favorite trails. It reminds me of the beauty we’re so lucky to experience. It makes me appreciate and respect nature as I enjoy its trails, waterways and all that it offers. Not only are the forests beautiful, they also provide us with the oxygen we depend on to live.

As you hike or run the trails, breathe deeply and observe the beauty with the awe it deserves.

I regard the woods as my church. It fills my spirit and grounds me. My mind opens and I am filled with relizations and new ideas. I can hike the same trail 100 times and each experience is different.

The woods are my therapist. I can always count on them to lift me up when I’m feeling down. I can reflect on my problems and come up with new solutions. I can think about my past and find comfort.

The woods are my home away from home. They are familiar and inviting. I can sit, close my eyes, and just feel content and safe.

This prayer requests, “Ye who pass by, listen to my prayer: harm me not”. While you may enjoy and experience the many gifts the woods offer, you must remember to respect them and to tread lightly.

Join me in leaving the woods as we find them. Take out what you carry in and be careful not to upset the fragile balance of nature. As we treat our loved ones, so should we treat the woods.

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