My Training Schedule (sort of)

My Training Schedule (sort of)

“Strive for progress not perfection”
–author unknown

So, I am (very loosely) following a training schedule found on the internet. When I found it, I exuberantly wrote it down word for word in my notebook. I’m thinking that this is the perfect training schedule and I will follow it to the best of my ability. That lasted three days (as you can see in the pic above). I tend to be a perfectionist, but over the years I have realized that this is a very restrictive way to live and, from then on, I have strived to be a ‘that’s good enough-ist’. My life is much more enjoyable and I actually accomplish more. I think that perfectionism is a result of fear. “I need to do it right”. “If it’s not perfect, it’s a failure”. “What will other people think if I fail”? The fear of failure can stop people from taking chances. The fear of failure can actually result in not taking chances and possibly achieving something great.

Anyway, I have given myself permission to make my training schedule work for me and to comfortably fit into my life. This way, I can take many things into consideration. What is the weather forecast? I don’t want to do a long run in the rain. How am I feeling? Maybe today should be a rest day and my rest day could be a workout. What if I have a vacation coming up? I’ll just re-work my schedule so that I can enjoy my trip. So far, even though I’ve only been implementing this training schedule for under two weeks, I’ve had to make changes so that it will work into my life. I want to enjoy my life and I also want to enjoy trail running. I won’t forgo enjoyment for perfectionism.

Last week, Thursday was beautiful and I decided to go kayaking (another love of mine). I simply decided to move cross-training to Sunday. That worked for me and I didn’t resent my training schedule. This week has proven to be even more tricky. My husband and I are going on an anniversary trip this weekend. Also, today (Wednesday) the weather was not favorable. I decided to do my cross-training today and to go for the 4 mile trail run tomorrow. I moved “activity of choice” to Friday–which can really be anything. During the weekend, and our trip, I’ll be able to stick to my schedule since my husband and I plan to work out together. I won’t be missing out on anything and I’ll enjoy my training much more. My ultimate goal is to live my life and enjoy as much of it as possible. In my mind, the pursuit of happiness is of utmost importance.

I am definitely not perfect. I’m not perfect now and, really, I wasn’t perfect when I strove to be. I do deal with mental illness (as I mentioned in my first post). And, if there is any way that I can find happiness, that’s what I want to do. Life can be unpredictable and confusing. Why make it even harder? Do your best. Love life. Pursue happiness.

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