My “Gear”

My “Gear”

This will be a short one. I just started trail running and my gear just consists of the necessities. Really, as long as you have a way to hydrate and a good pair of shoes, that’s all you need to start trail running. I’m slowly adding to the list so that the experience will be that much better. Here’s what I have so far:

  • Hydration backpack: My goal was to find the best hydration pack for the lowest price. I landed on this NATHAN Quickstart 4L Hydration vest in Quiet Harbor/Cerulean. I love it. The main compartment has a pocket for the 1.5lt bladder. There is a zip pocket on the front of one of the straps that nicely holds my cell phone and car keys. On the front of the other strap, there is another, smaller pocket which can be used for small snacks, etc. I really like how the water straw is held in front with a clip for easy accessibility. Overall, I would suggest this pack to a beginner.
  • Trail Shoes: Solomon XA Pro 3D v8 in Wine Tasting/Night Sky/Almond Cream. I did pay up a bit for these shoes. They fit perfectly and they’re sturdy enough for tough terrain. I’m not sure if these shoes are for trail running specifically, but they work for me.
  • After work-out sandals: My favorite part of a workout is putting on my sandals at the end. My feet can cool off and decompress. I use these teva sandals. Honestly, I found these at Goodwill and they work great for me. Nothing like cool feet after a hard run.
  • “Yeti”: Okay, a real Yeti is very expensive. I fixed this problem by buying a similar water bottle at Wal*Mart. This water bottle works well enough and keeps my after-workout drink cold for at least an hour. It even works in a hot car. It’s nice to have a refreshing drink after working hard. Here I have my BIOSTEEL hydration drink mix with electrolytes, vitamins and minerals.
  • Reusable sandwich bag: I was using regular sandwich bags to hold my after-workout snacks and I felt really bad about adding more plastic to the landfill. These reusable bags (which you can buy at Target) work very well and they are better for the environment.
  • Snacks: I always bring a snack that can provide me with the much-needed protein after a workout. I get a little burst of energy from a piece of fruit (today I had an apple). I also carry some gummy fish with me. The ones in the photo are sugar-free and vegan. They don’t really have any benefit except for having a little treat waiting for me after my workout.

Like I said before, I’m far from a professional athlete. I’m just someone who likes to have fun outside running on trails. I carry the items above because they enhance my exercise experience. What do you have in your bag? Comment on this article and let me know!

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