Cat Yoga

Cat Yoga

“My best asana is savasana”

Yoga is another activity that I thoroughly enjoy. Apparently, my cat enjoys it too!!!

This week, I have been preparing for a 5k race that will take place this weekend. I’ve been running slow 4 milers and on Tuesday I did some “yoga for runners”. After the session, I felt so good that I realized how important it is to include stretching and targeted poses in my training plan.

When I started this training journey, I totally focused on hiking and running. I didn’t even stretch.

Any athletic activity can be enhanced by attention to the whole person. Yoga is one practice that has beneficial effects. Not only does it target certain muscle groups, it also encourages emotional wellness. The mind-body connection is paramount in any training program.

I do have a favorite yogi on YouTube. Her name is Adriene and she has posted a number of great yoga flows that anyone can do. I started watching her when I found her 30 day yoga for weight loss series. I would suggest you check that out too.

Adriene’s Runner’s yoga consists mostly of stretching poses and it is an easy flow for any ability.

I am planning to post an article soon about the benefits of yoga for runners. My cat (Ellie) and I will see you then!

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